Filter King FK20 "Filtermobil"- mobile shortening filter for fryers

Proven filtertechnology

The FILTERMOBIL FK 20 is based on the efficient filtertechnology of Hagesana. The shortening is prefiltered in the 2-chamber-filtersystem and then pumped through the finefilter (performance <20µ). Thus even smallest particles of dirt are filtered. By this process the lifetime of the shortening can be extended significantly. Expenses for raw materials are going down. Furthermore it makes sure that the quality of the shortening remains on a high level.

Of course this effects the quality and the taste of the final product – the original aroma is not impaired. The good flavour of the original recipe reaches the customer always on the same high level.

FILTERMOBIL with transport container

The FILTERMOBIL FK 20 is shipped with a variable transport container. The fryer can be emptied completely via the existing drain and a quick coupling. The whole content of the fryer can be stored within the container, for example in order to clean the fryer. The machine is completely mobile.

Integrierted filtertechnology

Another advantage of the container is the integrated filtertechnology. For an even more efficient cleaning the shortening can be filtered within the container in a circulation procedure. This adds to the efficiency of the filtration and leads to an even cleaner shortening. The refeeding runs through an easy-to-use system of tubes. The size of the container can be adjusted to your personal requirements.

Improve your quality!

As the shortening-quality is stable, the final product keeps its original taste. Particulate material is filtered from the shortening and can not influence the good taste of the product any more, which reaches the customer with ist original flavor.






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