Filter-King F-6000 - shortening filter for the foodprocessing industry

Save Shortening!

With the revolutionary 2-chamber-system the Filter-King filters shortening at the optimum. Even smallest partcles are removed. All industry solutions can be connected to the fryer continously and filter during the frying process. Furthermore manual cleaning via a sucktion tube is of cource possible.

Save Time!

Your shortening is always clean - the fryer needs not to be cleaned by your staff any more. No particles sink to the ground and pollute your shortening. This reduces the costs for cleaning significantly.

Save money!

By filtering the shortening, the lifetime is increased. Cleaning- and recyclingcosts are reduced as well. The filter pays for itself in no time, as the intervall for changing the shortening is longer than before.

Improve your quality!

As the shortening-quality is stable, the final product keeps its original taste. Particulate material is filtered from the shortening and can not influence the good taste of the product any more, which reaches the customer with ist original flavor.





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