Shortening Filter F-20

Save Shortening!

The Hagesana Filter F-20 is the perfect solution for small and medium sized fryers up to 100 ltr. fat content. Even small particles are removed and do not pollute the shortening any more. If used regularly, the Filter-King F-20 helps you to keep you fat in a clean working condition longer than now.

Save Time!

No more cleaning. Particles are removed from the fryer and remain in the filter. Heating-spiral and fryer-tub stay clean. Cleaning intervalls for the fryer are extended. Staff costs are reduced. The Filter-King is as easy to handle as a vacuum-cleaner. Capacity 20 ltr./min. for fast filtering.

Save money!

Calculating the rentability is easy: the lifetime of the shortening is increased, cleaning- and recyclingcosts are reduced.

Improve your quality!

Keeping a stable quality of the shortening will improve the quality of the final product. No particles can affect the taste of the baked product and the shortening-quality stays on a high level.






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