Cream Whipping Machine CREAM-KING Premium Line - For highest Demands!

Save Cream!

The key aspect of the Premium Line is the same as in the Classic Line: the integrated cooling. This will provide the very high quality, stability and overrun of the whipped cream. The consistency can be adjusted to your needs - from fluffy to compact - according to your needs by the 2 different motor speeds.

The Premium Line distinguishes itself from the Classic Line by being optimized for the highest load. The housing is completely made of stainless steel and can for this be deployed in an industrial environment without any problem. Fittingly, seals and wheels are designed stronger than the ones in the Classic Line.

Save Time!

Ingredients can be blended into the cream during the whipping process. By this one process step is saved. Of course this has a positive impact on the overrun as no volume is lost during a manual blending.

Furthermore the insertion of gems into the cream is minimized because it is not necessary to blend by hand.


The hygiene-subject is a focal point at Hagesana. Of course all machines of the Premium Line can be equipped with a sterilization unit and a sterile filter to meet all hygienic requirements. Also optional availabe is a bowl-axle which can be dismounted without any tools needed, so even untrained staff can clean the axle fast and without any problems.

Available Sizes:

2 - 10 ltr

4 - 30 ltr

4 - 20 ltr

Best quality and the highest overrun is only guaranteed with an integrated cooling system. Of course all of our machines have a serially built-in cooling system.

Enjoy the demo with our cream whipping machine Hagesana Cream King 10liters SE3 Premium Line





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