Mini cream whipping machine with serially built-in cooling system!

  • Easy-to-use
  • Efficient
  • Powerfull


Finally - the long awaited table model CREAM-KING ECO 3.0 with built-in cooling system.

Take advantage of our longtime experience in the production of high quality cream whipping machines. The innovative and very efficient Hagesana whipping process has now been transformed from our standalone CREAM-KING-models to our new table model CREAM KING ECO and permits a maximum of saving cream. Get up to 4 ltr. of whipped cream out of 1 ltr. of liquid cream!

Even costs for staff and cleaning can be saved with the new CREAM-KING ECO 3.0.


The mini-creamer is completely made of stainless steel and there are only few components to take care of: bowl and mesh can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher.

Thanks to the easy to use one-hand-switch operating the ECO is as simple as cleaning it: Turn on the machine, fill the cream in the bowl, put the lid on and start the whipping - the cream will be ready after just a couple of minutes. All ingredients can be blended in the cream, no need to do this by hand. Thats 1 more working process simply saved.

Efficient: The Hagesana whipping process:

During the whipping process cold air is blown in the cream through very small holes in the bottom of the bowl. Small bubbles surround the fat cells and produce a unique fluffy stable cream which is very easy to use. Delicious cream for your customers even in the warm summer season!


0,5 - 3 ltr (min - max)

Best quality and the highest overrun is only guaranteed with an integrated cooling system. Of course all of our machines have a serially built-in cooling system.

Demo with Hagesana mini cream whipping machine with serially built-in cooling system





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