Cream-King - the right machine for the confectioneries

Save cream!

With the Hagesana CREAM-KING you save cream - per each cream cake up to 300gr. Serially built-in cooling guarantees premium quality even at high temperatures. The molecules of the cream connect very well with the cold air so you obtain a very high overrun and a very fluffy cream.

If the cream needs to be more compact - no problem! Multiple motor speeds give the versatility to whip the cream according to your special needs.

Save time!

All ingredients can be blended into the cream in the CREAM-KING. Average working time per filling only 5-7 minutes. Several motor speeds ensure ideal blending of fonds and cream.

Cleaning is as easy as possible. The machine was designed with as few parts as possible which get in contact with the cream. These parts can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Save money - and be safe!

For your own and the customer´s safety all machines can be equipped with a sterilization unit. The machine fullfills all hygienic requirements easily. The universal machine CREAM-KING SE3 combines all accerssories in one version. Not only can recurring processes be standardized with configurable programms, the electronic also saves sterilization processes and submits the data to a PC. In addition the machines can be equipped with a bacteria filter.

Available Sizes:

1 - 6 ltr (min-max)

2 - 10 ltr

4 - 20 ltr

4 - 30 ltr

Best quality and the highest overrun is only guaranteed with an integrated cooling system. Of course all of our machines have a serially built-in cooling system.






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