Cream whipping machines and shortening filters made in Germany

Flavor and efficiency combined...

... with products processed with whippers and filtersystems from Hagesana.

  • Carefully processed raw materials
  • Save raw material, time and money
  • Best quality of the final product

Your customers will be thrilled!



We are confident that we can offer the right system for you to work even more economical.

All our products support you to be more efficient with ressources. Not only will you save raw materials but we help you to optimize the processes in your bakery or patisserie.


Our main focus is always the quality of the final product, be it a cake or fried goods. Our mission is to support the craftmanship of you and your co-workers, so that the consumer receives a top quality product and looks forward to the next delicious experience. Of course we only have the best references.


Another important factor when processing food is hygiene. We offer constantly new solutions to be always a step ahead of the requirements that you face in your company.


In over 40 years we could earn a high reputation among our customers. But if you don't move forwards you move backwards, so we always work on improving the state of the art with innovations. Challenge us, we look forward to you!




The smallest Cream Machine made by Hagesana.

Of course with cooling!


Best quality for you and your customers with creamers made by Hagesana. Cooling in all models.


Flexible und mobile filtersystem - the Filtermobil made by Hagesana.